Rodd Point

local_roddpointLot No. 130 with its “very considerable waterfrontage” on both Iron Cove and Iron Creek, and its “remarkable tongue of land” was part of 55 acres acquired by Brent Clements Rodd from the sale of Samuel Lyons’ property – the Five Dock Farm.

Rodd, a well known businessman built his magnificent residence, Barnstaple Manor on the land. Rodd and his wife Sarah established extensive gardens and planted an avenue of pines that became a landmark in the area, as did the tall wooden windmill built to pump their water. The Rodds had a large family and many features and streets of Five Dock bear their name.

Rodd was also a major player in getting financial help from the Colonial Secretary to repair the Great North Road leading to Bedlam Ferry. Initially he was allowed 25 pounds for repairs but requested a further 50 pounds and in this way the residential pioneers of rural Five Dock began to accept some responsibility for their own affairs – the first small step towards local government elected by local people.

Rodd Point today is another established residential area looking across to Rodd Island and a good starting point for The Bay Run. This very popular walk/run encircles the bay and is well used. Rodd Point has an area of 37.7 hectares.