Hunters Hill

local_huntershillHunters Hill is a leafy sandstone peninsula stretching from Pittwater Road to Onions Point, at the confluence of Lane Cove and Parramatta Rivers. Proclaimed as a Borough in January 1861, Hunters Hill is both the smallest government area in metropolitan Sydney, as well as one of the oldest areas on the north side of the harbour.

The character of Hunters Hill was formed during the period 1860 through to the 1920’s, with many of the beautiful buildings dating back to that period and often being built from the local sandstone.

Hunters Hill today has an area of 575 hectares which includes some 65 hectares of park and reserves. Development is entirely residential and the suburb is recognized as Australia’s oldest garden suburb with 75% of the municipality being declared a conservation area. It is also the site of the World’s first Green Ban.