Five Dock

local_fivedockIn 1806 about 1,500 acres were granted to Surgeon John Harris, which he called Five Dock Farm. The name, used since at least 1797, refers to the shape of the bay with its vague resemblance to five docks.

Samuel Lyons, an ambitious man who rose from convict beginnings , required the Five Dock Estate and in 1837, with the help of auctioneer W Hebblewhite sold some lots “offering a most advantageous opportunity of purchasing land, which in the course of a few years is likely to increase in value to an unprecedented extent”. The lots, varying in size from 2 to 69 acres suited all classes of buyers – some portions reached upwards of 40 pounds an acre.

The tune of “Advance Australia Fair”, Australia’s National Anthem, was written by Peter McCormick, Headmaster of Five Dock Public School from 1865-1866.

Five Dock today is a very busy suburb with a large retail centre around Great North Road. The suburb is primarily established residential development though there have been new developments in the past few years as land becomes available. Five Dock has an area of 245 hectares.