local_drummoyneDrummoyne is located at the eastern end of the city of Canada Bay and has many waterfront properties.

The aboriginal people had the special name of ‘Warrembah’ for this peninsula – where the sweet waters meet, though this was not common fact to the white settlers.

The area came to be known as Five Dock Farm and was part of the 750 acres grant made to Surgeon John Harris in 1806. The land remained virtually untouched until sold in 1836. Part was bought by William Wright, a former ironmonger, who made a fortune trading in the Pacific. Wright claimed to be among the first to recognise the commercial value of kauri gum and certainly benefited by this.

In 1854 Wright built a mansion and named his estate Drummoyne, a Gaelic word meaning a flat topped ridge. Wright spared no expense on his house; the carvings alone took three years, and were done by an Italian craftsman said to have worked on the House of Commons in London.

When the estate was subdivided in the 1880’s, Wright was among those who petitioned the Governor to create a ‘Borough of Drummoyne”.

The beginning of the new century saw the Borough with a growing population; with more homes being built after the subdivision of large estates and good public transport provided by ferries and a ‘fine electric tram service’.

Drummoyne had its problems though and some thoroughfares were impassable – herds of cattle were still being driven through local streets on their way to the abattoirs and horseless carriages had not yet appeared. It was only in 1895 that Drummoyne Council co-operated with Five Dock to move stock by rail and water.

Today Drummoyne is 224.2 hectares in area and enjoys a cosmopolitan lifestyle with restaurants, shopping centres, marinas and a major arterial road (Victoria Road) leading to the CBD (approximately 7.5km)

Drummoyne Transportation

Ferry Transport: The Drummoyne Wharf is located on Wolselely Street . Drummoyne is on the Parramatta to Circular Quay route. For current timetables see www.sydneyferries.info or call: 131500.

Bus Transport: There are many bus services that go via the Drummoyne area along Lyons Road and Victoria Road . To go to and from Circular Quay take bus route 500, 504, 506, 510, 518 or 520. For other routes and current timetables see: www.sydneybuses.info or call: 131500.

Train Transport: There is no nearby train station to Drummoyne or the surrounding suburbs. Bus Stops and Ferry Wharfs are located at Meadowbank and Circular Quay. For train stations and current timetables see: www.cityrail.info or call: 131500

Water Taxi Transport: There are several privately owned water tax companies that provide transport on Sydney Harbour . E.g. Beach Hopper, Water Taxi’s Combined, Sydney Water Taxi or Yellow Water Taxis.

Taxi Car Transport: All taxi companies service Drummoyne.