local_concordIn 1793 grants of land were made to six NCOs of the NSW Corps and
to four civilian settlers, the new settlement “to be distinguished in future by the name of Concord”. Relations between the early soldiers and civilians were often strained, each holding the other in contempt.

In 1798 it had the distinction of seeing the first stirring of the women’s
Liberation movement: the women of Concord asked for a vote in the election of a district constable. It was refused.

When Macquarie visited Concord in 1810 he was not impressed:
The farms were small, dirty, “the settlers are very poor and live in mean, small habitations.” The Governor “admonished them and advised them to pay more attention and to become more industrious.”

Concord today is the largest suburb in Canada Bay with an area of 501.8 hectares with a significant well established residential area, plenty of parklands, golf courses and a friendly shopping centre with many good restaurants.