Canada Bay

local_canadabayMany parts of Canada Bay indicate the history of the area – Exile Bay, France Bay, Durham Street and Marceau Drive – where French Canadian rebels (once imprisoned in Sydney) were granted pardons.

On a sketched map from the 1820s Hen & Chicken Bay was called “Stone Creek Quarry” – probably because of the quarry that was once near Great North Road.

Reclamation of the low lying shores of Hen & Chicken Bay was advocated in the 1930’s. Town planners wrote of an area of mud and mangroves comprising 1200 acres and it was advocated that the area should be made similar to Centennial Park.

Initial investigations were made in 1938 and then during the Second World War work was suspended although about 16 acres was acquired for future parklands and playing fields. For many years Council embarked on a vigorous policy of removing the unsightly mangrove covered mudflats and today these reclaimed areas hold many residential buildings.

Canada Bay today is centrally located and has an area of 31.6 hectares with a very popular public golf course and walkways. Bayview Park has a plaque that honours the French Canadian exiles and marks the point of disembarkation.