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Auctioneer – Charlie Powell

One of Sydney’s most successful and charismatic auctioneers, Charlie Powell’s big personality and humorous delivery make him a memorable force with the gavel. He WON the REI NSW Awards for Excellence in 2012, Auctioneers Category and was a finalist for the Awards in 2007, 2010, 2011while placing Top 5 and representing NSW in the Australasian Auctioneering Championships in Melbourne 2011.

Charlie is a recognisable face both on and off the auction podium. A born entertainer with a passion for making people laugh, he won Hey, Hey It’s Saturday’s Red Faces as well as the Grand Final of Australia’s Funniest People. Never shy of an audience, he also made an appearance on The Footy Show’s No Talent Time in front of 8000 people at the Entertainment Centre and sold the winning house on the recent TV show “The Renovators”.

However, comedy aside, auctioneering is something that this Licensed Real Estate Agent takes very seriously. He has an inherent ability to make people feel relaxed in an often daunting environment and has an uncanny gift for reading and relating to the crowd. An expert in the finer points of auctioneering, he injects his signature energy into every sale, generating excitement and heightening the competitive environment. Having conducted in excess of 3,500 auctions to date, Charlie holds a clearance rate in excess of 75% over his career.

Charlie is widely respected for his honesty, loyalty and the vast experience he brings to the table. He works closely with his valued stable of clients to achieve premium results, making sure the auction process is a rewarding and enjoyable one for all involved. His successful combination of humour, professionalism and honed negotiation skills has proven a winning formulae.